Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What qualifications do the instructors have?
Most of our instructors have a minimum of a music University/College degree or ARCT certification. Some of them have graduate degrees in performance, are professional musicians and some are also certified school teachers with teaching certificates. They have all devoted their lives to studying and playing music.

Why should we study music?
Because music makes you smart! Countless studies have shown a correlation between learning music and brain development. Music education trains the mind to problem solve in a manner that cannot be found in other areas of study. Studying music also teaches discipline; it’s not a coincidence that many successful professionals grew up studying music.

What sets you apart from the others?
We are flexible and reasonable! We do our best to accommodate students’  needs with our small, highly qualified team of instructors. We strive for a balance of fun and hard work to achieve the most out of playing music.

What instruments do you offer lessons on?
The bulk of our students take piano lessons. Guitar, drums, and saxophone are also popular choices. Please see our ‘instruments’ page for a complete list.

What happens if we need to cancel a lesson?
We are proud to offer the best cancellation policy in the city! Cancelled lessons are not charged. 24 hours notice is greatly appreciated. For the most part, lessons are only charged if the instructor shows up expecting a lesson and the student is unavailable.

How much should my child practice?
For young beginners, we recommend 15-20 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week. As the repertoire gets more difficult, more time is needed. Advanced students typically need 45-60 minutes of practice per day to achieve optimal results.

How much are lessons?
In-home lessons are $30-$40 / half hour. Lessons are billed four in advance – approximately once a month. We do not charge HST.

Are lessons scheduled during holidays?
Most students choose to take holidays off; we generally follow the school year calendar. Most of our students take two weeks off during winter holidays (Christmas/New Year’s), a week off for March Break, and two months in the summer.

How often will we need to purchase books?
Each student progresses at a different rate but most of them require new books once or twice a year. A typical set of books (piano and theory) will cost $20.

How much of a commitment do we need to invest?
Despite our best efforts, students sometimes lose interest in music. Lessons can be terminated at anytime and untaught lessons will be reimbursed.

We do not own a piano. Do you sell or rent pianos, and is it necessary to have one?
Yes, we do rent and sometimes sell instruments, and yes, you need one in order to learn! Our rentals are unbeatable in price. Please contact us for more details.

Is performing at the recital mandatory?
Not at all! Our recitals (Fall & Spring) are completely optional. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to perform with a real audience and give the students a concrete goal. Some of our students choose to attend (without playing) and observe a recital first to see what it is like.

What equipment is needed for music lessons?

1. An instrument

2. Sufficient lighting for reading music

3. A metronome – some keyboards have built in metronomes or they can be downloaded as free apps for an IPAD, smartphone, or tablet computer.

4. A music stand – pianos/keyboards usually already have one as part of the instrument.

I grew up studying and dreading classical piano lessons. Can you better engage my child and inspire them to pursue music?

Hey, we can relate! In the past, a strict disciplinary approach to learning music seemed to be our only option. These days, there are a variety of ways to learn music and we’ll do our best to keep your child motivated. Whether it’s learning to play a Taylor Swift song, AC/DC guitar riff, or Beethoven’s Für Elise, our instructors have the tools to make music fun!

How important is it to clean my flute/clarinet/trumpet?

Very important! Read this article about a man who never cleaned his instrument.

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