“I was a student of Tien‘s for guitar quite a while ago. I wanted to email saying thanks for the lessons again. I continue to play guitar everyday now it’s such a big part of my life and it really is thanks to him and my other teacher (Scott).” – Cole

“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Nadia’s teacher, Chris. He keeps her engaged yet she has fun at the same time.” – Helen

“It’s been another great year of piano playing for this household. Thank you for your organization of the lessons and flexibility with start time when we needed it. Sean is an excellent teacher. The kids always enjoy their lessons. Looking forward to next year!” – Lisa

Tien‘s extensive understanding of music genres and instruments make him an ideal teacher for students at all levels and with many different musical pursuits. Tien tailors his lessons to respond to his students’ interests and comes up with creative approaches to support them as their learning progresses. Learning with Tien has been a great experience, I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge.” – Emma

“I must say that I attribute Madison sticking to piano to Mark. His approach to teaching resonates with her. He is a good balance of patient and firm. And I think he has figured out her tricks for avoiding playing something she finds hard. It’s been more than just about learning to play the piano. He is really helping her to learn self discipline and perseverance and I, as her parent, appreciate that.” – Jenny

“Sophie is really enjoying her lessons with Scott. He seems like a good fit for her…Scott really engages Sophie with his enthusiasm towards music .” – Kalyn

“Diego has had a very positive experience with Felix!!!  He really looks forward to seeing him each week.  He creates balance with seriousness with very enjoyable and fun interactive lessons for Diego!  I am so glad and appreciative that Felix designs each lesson that fits my son’s personal learning style!  I would, and will recommend Genesis Music to any child who is interested in studying music :)  Thank-you for everything you guys do!!” – Michelle

“We loved the program and especially Sean!  He made lessons fun and engaged the kids. Thanks for a great year!” – Carolina

“It has been a pleasure to have Tien of Genesis Music Lessons come into our home.  He is a wonderful instructor, and we feel so fortunate to have found someone who is so multi-talented.  He teaches both our sons in various instruments (including piano, clarinet, and guitar).  Tien has been very accommodating to our busy schedule.  He is an effective communicator and always finds ways in encouraging our teenage children to help them discover their musical potential.  Thanks again Genesis Music for the convenience of lessons at home and delivering an energetic and fun learning environment for our children.” – May and Harry

“By the way, we ADORE Mark!” – Lara

“Thanks for organizing [the recital]. We enjoyed listening to performers from different age groups and skills. This gives us a snapshot of their skills today, and a road map of how they will perform in the future. It certainly encourages us as parents and our children to focus on improving and most importantly, have fun. We are very happy with Davin’s improvement and will continue in maintaining your services in the future. Looking forward to attending the future events.” – Farah, Amir, and Davin

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